Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoy a Chat at Recycle Me

Winter weather may perhaps have decreased the number of customers in our shop, but there have been more opportunities to chat with them. I was recently present when a man “delivered” his wife to Recycle Me to browse while he shopped in a larger retail store. In a few minutes he was back, and when I remarked on this, he said, “They won’t talk to you in there!”

This sums up an important part of our ministry –
communication and caring.

It is also rewarding when customers find an item or piece of
furniture that thrills them. Recently a man examined a small
side table. He disappeared to “think it over” and returned
immediately to complete the purchase and was delighted.

Gabbie Willems has been a valuable part of our Thursday
team fortnightly while she completes her time in the shop as
part of St Paul’s Community Service Program. Gabbie
showed another talent by joining the music team at St Paul's 9.30am church service on August 14th, before the official opening of the new Dulcie Harris Centre.

Please visit and tell friends about our shop. Donations of goods are always welcome. 

You can contact Recycle Me by phone on 5622 3266.

Beverley Foster
Some members of the Recycle Me team

Friday, August 5, 2011

Recycle Me Celebrates a Birthday!

Elizabeth Crighton and Phil Bucknall at Recycle Me with a birthday banner

The Recycle Me shop recently celebrated its seventh birthday. Recycle Me was opened on 8th July, 2004, in premises on Barkly Street, Warragul.

Much had gone on beforehand and thanks must go to Sheryl Hastings who helped develop the vision and saw it
through to fruition.

The move to 49 Victoria Street was made in May 2006. There have been ups and downs in the new premises, the major issue being storm and water damage. However, volunteers have always been ready to “walk the extra mile” with working bees to put the shop back to rights after roof and other

Helpers at the shop have been happy to welcome new volunteers and encourage everyone to keep in touch with the shop by visiting it and donating goods even if they cannot be actively involved. 

Shorter winter hours were introduced on Monday 18th July this year. This means that the shop requires only two volunteers daily to work through the lunchtime period. 

If you are passing by at lunchtime a call in would be appreciated, because the helpers often need to buy their lunch at that time!

Gabby Willems, a Year 9 student from St Paul's Anglican Grammar School, is completing her Community Service as a volunteer at the shop at present. Gabby and her family worship at our Church, and we are enjoying her energy and willingness in the shop.

We are grateful for God’s goodness in guiding us in this important ministry.

Bev. Foster

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June News from Recycle Me

Winter browsers can be assured of a warm welcome to our
Recycle Me  shop!

During May and June the staff has valued the efforts of  Year 9 student, Thomas Hammond, from St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School. Thomas joined us as part of the school’s Community Service project. He immediately showed a flair for creativity and design in arranging the shop’s window
display in readiness for Mothers’ Day. He has also shown initiative in sorting the toys and small items that can appear messy if not displayed correctly. Volunteers have enjoyed working alongside him and wish him well as he leaves the shop on June 23rd.

Winter brings the craft seekers and we have a need for
buttons and wool. Other goods the staff at the shop would appreciate are bed linen, and general manchester, including doilies. Many people have such surplus items tucked away in cupboards.

Please visit the shop and support this important ministry.

Bev Foster

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Update

Congratulations and a thanks to Laurice Fullgrabe for all the work she contributes to the running of ‘Recycle Me’. Laurice is the shop’s volunteer of the month.

Volunteers for the shop recently netted $400 from sales at the Drouin ‘Lyrebird Village Antique and Collectible Fair’. 

The lease on the current premises is being renewed for another three years and a new roof will replace the current one which has failed to keep water out in the recent heavy downpours of rain. 

Manager, Gwen Aumann, reports that a number of people have walked in off the street to offer goods from deceased estates, which has been very helpful for restocking the shop;  however a great deal more furniture is needed. If you are having a clean out, please keep ‘Recycle Me’ in your minds!

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Update

The Book Sale for Recycle Me will have children’s books for sale at $5 for a plastic supermarket bag full, or $7 for a
"green" bag. All other books and magazines will be half price.

Congratulations to Jan Osmond who is volunteer of the month.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Update

Congratulations to Joyce Mortlock who has been acknowledged as volunteer of the month for ‘Recycle Me’. 

Joyce works tirelessly for the shop filling at short notice and taking a regular spot once a fortnight on the roster. Joyce has also helped restore order after the recent heavy rain. Although the shop was flooded volunteers were able to salvage most of the goods because of a
similar experience 11 months ago.

The owner builder of the premise is considering a new ceiling but is happy for the shop to operate while this work is undertaken.