Sunday, September 4, 2011

Enjoy a Chat at Recycle Me

Winter weather may perhaps have decreased the number of customers in our shop, but there have been more opportunities to chat with them. I was recently present when a man “delivered” his wife to Recycle Me to browse while he shopped in a larger retail store. In a few minutes he was back, and when I remarked on this, he said, “They won’t talk to you in there!”

This sums up an important part of our ministry –
communication and caring.

It is also rewarding when customers find an item or piece of
furniture that thrills them. Recently a man examined a small
side table. He disappeared to “think it over” and returned
immediately to complete the purchase and was delighted.

Gabbie Willems has been a valuable part of our Thursday
team fortnightly while she completes her time in the shop as
part of St Paul’s Community Service Program. Gabbie
showed another talent by joining the music team at St Paul's 9.30am church service on August 14th, before the official opening of the new Dulcie Harris Centre.

Please visit and tell friends about our shop. Donations of goods are always welcome. 

You can contact Recycle Me by phone on 5622 3266.

Beverley Foster
Some members of the Recycle Me team

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