Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June News from Recycle Me

Winter browsers can be assured of a warm welcome to our
Recycle Me  shop!

During May and June the staff has valued the efforts of  Year 9 student, Thomas Hammond, from St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School. Thomas joined us as part of the school’s Community Service project. He immediately showed a flair for creativity and design in arranging the shop’s window
display in readiness for Mothers’ Day. He has also shown initiative in sorting the toys and small items that can appear messy if not displayed correctly. Volunteers have enjoyed working alongside him and wish him well as he leaves the shop on June 23rd.

Winter brings the craft seekers and we have a need for
buttons and wool. Other goods the staff at the shop would appreciate are bed linen, and general manchester, including doilies. Many people have such surplus items tucked away in cupboards.

Please visit the shop and support this important ministry.

Bev Foster

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